IMATschool's Affiliate Program

If you are an Education Agent, a Youtuber, a Blogger or even just a happy Student…

Do you want to help your students to pass the IMAT and get into medicine in Italy while creating some passive income for you?

Then you might be interested to know that with IMATschool’s Affiliate Program it is easier than ever.

How does it work?

It’s super easy!

  • Step 1. You apply by sending us an email to, we get to know you and you get approved. 
  • Step 2. You receive a unique link to IMATschool website (example:
  • Step 3. Every customer who gets to IMATschool via your unique link will be marked as your referral.
  • Step 4. You get paid a commission via PayPal or Bank transfer for every purchase they make!


How much do I get paid?

Initially you will be getting a 15% fee on any final sale of any product on from any customer referred by you via your unique link. The commission payout will be calculated for all finalized sales of a previous month. But once you establish yourself as a solid referrer, your commission will go up! Your commission fee is paid once every month to your PayPal or Bank account. 


How to get paid even more?

The more paying clients you refer, the more you get paid! Moreover,  our best performing affiliate partners will be promoted to our Premium Partner Program, where they will get 20% on every referred customer as well as a dedicated landing page (optionally) on IMATschool website with a short referral link (example:


What do my students/audience get for coming through my referral link?

They get a discount! How much? There are a few options to choose from, starting from 10 Euro and going up to 10% discount. So it is actually a win-win situation! No worries, we’ll figure what works best for you and your students during our intro call.


How do I keep track of my referral numbers?

You’ll get access to an affiliate dashboard online, where you can track all the important numbers and transactions, such as number of referred visitors, details of sales, commission per sale and total fee to be paid out.


How can I be sure that the numbers are real?

We’re using a proven tracking system from a trusted independent party to record every transaction completely automatically. The Affiliate Dashboard and the trackers are hosted by a third-party provider and show full, real-time information on the referred purchases, dates, amount etc. All affiliate links can be checked and verified at any time with a test purchase. As our affiliate partner, your success is our success.


How do I get started? Got questions?

All you need is a working PayPal or a Bank account and an ability to issue invoices for our payouts to you. 

To get started or if you just have some questions, please email to introduce yourself and possibly business. Let us know how many students do you expect might be interested. We’ll set a call to get to know you and then we’ll forward you to a registration page to become an official Affiliate Partner of IMATschool. With your own referral link you’ll be able to start helping your students and earning right away.

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