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IMATschool makes preparing for the IMAT as painless as it can be.

Crafted by a team of Medical Doctors and expert teachers, IMATschool teaches you everything you need to know for the IMAT with a world-class On-Demand Video IMAT Course, tons of timed practice questions with worked solutions and a team of Expert Online IMAT Tutors to personalise your experience and take your IMAT preparation to the next level.

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Online IMAT Course - instantly accessible anywhere and anytime

The Online IMAT Course is on-demand online video course, designed to teach you everything you need for the IMAT, including video tutorials on all the techniques and strategies for tackling the logic and thinking questions as well as all the guidance you need for the sciences part.

It is accessible from any major mobile device, meaning you can fit a lesson or a short practice session even on the go.

And the best part - no more endless navigation in the ocean of kitten-video-distractions on YouTube trying to find a quality tutorial that you need.

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I highly recommend IMAT school especially to people who are busy and want to have their preparation material with them wherever they go. Only wish for the future would be to have an offline mode. Love it; professional yet it comes from the heart. Read more...
Charly (Carlotta), Germany

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The videos are high quality, and explain things in an understandable way. The extensive database of questions and answers will help you prepare and practice for your test day. The best part is that it is always at your fingertips. Read more...
Jessica, USA

(...) I have recommended the IMAT School to my cousins who are planning on medical school in Italy and would recommend this to anyone who is really serious about medical school in Italy as this makes light work of the exam. Read more...
Emeka N, UK

1000+ practice questions with in-depth analysis!

Our Question Bank provides all the practice that you will need for all sections of the IMAT.

Have you ever wondered 'How did they come to that answer?! With our solutions explanations for every test-question, you will never have to wonder again.

In addition, our amazing practice interface will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your performance with easy-to-read graphs and stats to help you boost your performance further.

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All the tutor support that you need

Our expert IMAT tutors will help you take your IMAT preparation to the next level. Your personal tutor will test your performance in our IMAT simulator and will make an individual preparation plan to meet your specific study goals. During the online learning sessions, your tutor will take care of all your questions and doubts regarding the test. Your tutor will also make sure to close any gaps and teach you all the material and techniques that will allow you to perform at your peak during the IMAT test

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What packages do we offer?

IMAT Question Bank

  • Tons of IMAT questions to practice on

  • Timed simulation of all 7 years of previous IMAT tests

  • Detailed solutions and explanations to all, even the toughest questions

  • Hundreds of mock questions by topic to sharpen and polish your question solving skills

  • Full analysis of your performance and your results

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IMAT Online Course

  • Online video course on all sections of the IMAT

  • Full access to the Question Bank

  • Over 30 video tutorials on all aspects of the test

  • Techniques and strategies to boost your performance at the test

  • Practice anywhere - on your computer, smartphone or tablet - no installations!

  • Practice anytime - why wait for books to arrive? Start preparing now!

  • Course launch is almost there!

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Online Expert Tutors

  • 10 Hours of individual online tuition with our IMAT experts

  • Full access to our Question Bank

  • Full access to our Online IMAT Course

  • Private lessons are tailored to your specific needs

  • Clear any questions and doubts about the exam

  • Learn at home, on a bus or on a beach in Hawaii, it is up to you!

  • Larger hour-packages with reduced price are available on request

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FREE Account

Free accounts get access to all previous IMAT paper questions on the site with full analysis of your performance, as well as a few other bits such as a taste of our Online IMAT Course and worked solutions.

You can purchase any of the 3 upgrades above to get more out of IMATschool.

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At IMATschool, we're committed to helping widen access to Medicine. We're cognizant of the fact that by providing admissions-related services to paying customers, we may be contributing to the problem, which is why our Bursaries programme is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our Bursaries system operates on a "pay what you can" basis. If we approve your bursary application, you'll be able to visit the Account page and upgrade your account with any or all of the packages we offer. The amount you pay is entirely down to you - if you want, you can get all of the upgrades totally free of charge, and we're perfectly happy for you to do this. If however, you can afford to pay a few euros and think the resources you're getting are worth it, then please pay what you can.

More information on how to apply is available in the Bursaries area of the website once you're logged in.

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