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IMAT Live Course 2020

Combining the Expertise of Dedicated Cambridge Teachers
with the Comfort of your Home.

The IMAT Live Course is an intensive online course  lead by leading Cambridge and Oxford IMAT experts in the safety and convenience of your home.

By the end of the intensive course you will learn everything that is needed to boost your performance and get you the results you need at the IMAT.

After the 2-weeks intensive part is over, we will continue to support your preparation with weekly live online sessions for any study questions you have.

Pass the IMAT with our Top-Rated Live Course with IMAT Success Guarantee and become a medical doctor in one of the top international medical schools in Italy. 

What will you get with the IMAT Live Course?

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You will take part in a small group online classroom, in the safety of your living room.  Using your video and mic, you will be encouraged to ask  questions to clear any doubts directly with your teacher in a highly stimulating and engaging environment.

We are 100% confident that our courses deliver results. That’s why we guarantee that you pass the IMAT or retake your next IMAT Live course for FREE.

Book your place with confidence today!

The intensive 2 weeks part of our Live Online Courses begins on Monday. Next course dates are:

  • 01 Jun – 12 Jun 2020 BOOKED OUT
  • 06 July – 17 July 2020 BOOKED OUT
  • 20 July – 31 July 2020
  • 03 Aug – 14 Aug 2020

The earlier course you book the more weekly Live Learning Support Sessions you will enjoy before the test!

>> Flexible Morning or Evening Classes
Easily combine our live course with work or studies using morning (8:00-11:00 AM, UK time) or evening (5:00-8:00 PM, UK time) class options to choose from.

We are committed to your success! Even after the 2-week live course is over you will get weekly live group study sessions with our tutors. During those Sunday sessions you will reconnect live online with your tutors and discuss any questions, doubts as well as close any gaps until the day of the IMAT exam. Those group sessions will contine weekly untill the exam date in September.

Our tutors have a proven track record of success and are experts in the topics they teach for the IMAT. They have years of teaching experience and are dedicated to sharing their expertise so you can succeed at the IMAT. The best experts from Oxford, Cambridge, UCL London will be supporting you till the day of the IMAT test.

In addition to our Live lessons and a PDF course booklet, you’ll get an INSTANT access to our Online Video Courses with hours of additional recorded IMAT tutorials, our IMAT Question Bank with 1000+ practice questions and our IMAT Simulator with ALL previous IMAT test with fully explained solutions for 12 months! (£144Value!).

This way you can prepare even before, during and after the live course!

Places for 2020 course are limited!


Over 400 Students Choose IMATschool last year.
What Students say About Us?

Isabelle – Ireland:

“The IMAT Live Online Course did not only provide me with a concise and effective preparation for the IMAT, but it also allowed me to experience a new method of teaching that is modern and efficient. The tutors were very encouraging and seemed very specialised in their subjects. Thanks to this course I have made a friendly revision group with the students from my class and I now feel highly motivated to continue with my IMAT preparation and to pursue my career in medicine.”

Victor – Australia:
I have found the lessons so far to be very helpful and engaging. I was surprised by how much content we were able to cover in a relatively short time. The tutors were obviously well prepared. As someone overseas, I found the opportunity to sit down with other students rewarding and comforting – which has definitely helped with my confidence for the exam.

Ingrid – Norway
“The IMAT Live Online Course gave me a great overview of the most important topics to study for the IMAT. The teachers were very well prepared and invested in making sure I understood the material. I highly recommend it.

IMAT Video Courses

Top quality IMAT preparation course ready to watch and re-watch anywhere & anytime you need.

Tired of wasting time on searching bits of lessons in the “sea” of kitten-videos on Youtube? 

The IMAT Video Course is a self-paced, on-demand online video course, designed to boost your confidence and score at the IMAT. With hours of quality video tutorials you will be taught the most effective skills, techniques and strategies for tackling the IMAT in bite-size lessons you can watch and re-watch as much as you need. 

We use a stimulating problem-based learning framework to put your knowledge in practice under time pressure right from the first lesson – practice makes perfect!

All of the course material is accessible from any major mobile device or computer, meaning you can always fit a lesson or a short practice session even on the go.

Our IMAT Video Courses package delivers the results-focused quality IMAT tutorials with 1000+ timed practice questions & IMAT simulator you need to boost your IMAT score quickly and effectively.

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Video Tutorials with over 9 hours of HD content

Techniques and Strategies to Boost your Performance at the Test

Practice Anywhere: Computer, Smartphone or Tablet - no Installation Required!

IMAT Question Bank & Test Simulator

Tons of Timed and Structured Practice Questions is Your Key to Success in the IMAT

Our Question Bank includes 1000+ questions with full solutions and provides all the practice that you will need for all sections of the IMAT.

Not sure which medical school to aim for? Take a full IMAT test simulation from a previous year and check which medical schools would have accepted you with your IMAT score.

Have you ever wondered ‘How did they come to that answer?’ With our solutions explanations for every test-question, you will never have to wonder again or waste a second on figuring it out.

In addition, our amazing practice interface will provide you with an in-depth graphic analysis of your performance with easy-to-read graphs and stats to help you learn your strengths & weaknesses and boost your performance at the IMAT further.

700 +
Timed Practice Questions

Worked Solutions for Each of Them

Advanced Performance Statistics

Our Reviews

See What Our Students Have Said About Us:

Our Reviews

See What Our Students Have Said About Us:

Almost 8000 people took the IMAT last year!

Prepare with IMATschool and get ahead of your competition!

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1000+ questions & full solutions


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You save: £12

You'll get access to:

1000+ IMAT Questions

IMAT Test Simulator

Advanced Performance Statistics

Full Solutions to All IMAT Tests


IMAT Live course

our best-rated flagship online course


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Course dates:
01 Jun 2020 Booked out!
06 July 2020 Booked out!
20 July 2020 Booked out!
03 Aug 2020 Booked out!

Morning or evening groups:
at 8:00-11:00 (UK Time)
at 17:00-20:00 (UK Time)

You'll get access to:

2 Weeks Live Online Course

30 Hours in a Live Virtual Classroom from Your Own Home

Top Oxford and Cambridge IMAT Teachers

Instant Access to IMAT Video Course

Instant Access to IMAT Q-Bank and Simulator

Weekly Live learning sessions till the test-day

IMAT Video CourseS

self-paced IMAT crash-courses


now only


You save: £72

You'll get access to:

9 Hours of HD Online Video Lessons

1000+ IMAT Questions With Full Solutions

Advanced Performance Statistics

IMAT Test Simulator + Full solutions


At, we strive to offer our students the best resources to prepare for the IMAT, wherever they are. We understand that everyone has a different lifestyle, but that shouldn’t prevent them from improving and learning.

With our world-class resources and teachers, we cover everything from the foundations of the IMAT to subject-specific science questions, all for a monthly subscription that helps you learn at your own pace. 

“If you genuinely want to be in the top 10 percent, you should be thinking and acting differently than the other 90.”

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